St Edmundsbury conservation areas and appraisals

Do I need permission for building work if I live in a conservation area?

It depends on the type of work you are proposing. There is some permitted development allowed in conservation areas. Contact us if you would like to discuss building work within a conservation area.

Maintaining an older home or listed building

Information leaflets have been prepared to help you maintain an older home or listed building, you can find them on our Listed buildings page.

Works to trees in a conservation area

For works to trees within a conservation area please contact or visit the West Suffolk Trees page for further information.

You can also check to see if a specific property is in a conservation area by using our Find my nearest facility.

What restrictions are there on building work?

If you are proposing building work in a conservation area you may find that some permitted development rights are restricted under what is known as the Article 4 Direction. Permitted development is building work that can be carried out without planning permission.

The Article 4 Direction applies to specific alterations for buildings. It also only affects alterations that are made on parts of the building that face highways, public space or public footpath.

This guide has been prepared for your information but if you need more advice, call us

Conservation areas are places of architectural or historic value. Listed below are appraisals and management plans for the St Edmundsbury Borough. Appraisals and management plans for conservation areas set out why an area is of historic interest. The plans detail the various aspects of interest within the area and how it will be managed in relation to everyday living and future development.

Conservation area maps and appraisals Date of designation
Ampton 5 March 1987
Bardwell 6 July 2000
Barnham 21 December 1973
26 January 1973 (revised 27 September 2012)
5 March 1987 (revised 27 September 2012)
Cavendish 19 October 1973
14 February 1974
Denston 2 July 1973
Euston 19 October 1973
Fakenham Magna 19 October 1973
Flempton 19 October 1973

Fornham All Saints

2 December 1999
Great and Little Thurlow 2 August 1973
Great and Little Whelnetham 11 June 1998
Great Livermere 7 September 2000
Great Wratting 5 February 1970
22 July 2002
22 July 2002
Hawkedon 13 June 1973
Hengrave 19 October 1973
Honington 20 April 1949
Hopton 5 March 1987
Horringer 19 October 1973
Hundon 10 December 2002
28 September 2010
Lidgate 2 August 1973
Pakenham 5 March 1987
Risby 7 November 1975
Stanton 1 February 2001
Stoke-by-Clare 2 August 1973
Stradishall 30 October 1973
West Stow and Culford Park 4 December 1997
Whepstead 19 October 1973
Wickhambrook 30 October 1975
Withersfield 2 August 1973