Apply for an Operator's Licence

It is a criminal offence to operate a Private Hire Vehicle within West Suffolk (Forest Heath and St Edmundsbury) without having a Private Hire Vehicle Operator's Licence. The councils can grant Private Hire Vehicle Operators' Licenses for a 3 year period meeting certain conditions and criteria. The operator must be safe and suitable and always fit the criteria set by the councils.

An operator will be expected to maintain a bookings log available for inspection by the councils or Police. You should also retain all licenses issued by the council for drivers and vehicles you use as these may also need to be inspected. 

Private hire vehicles may only be pre-booked, and may not be hailed in the street or ply for hire. Fares for the hire of private hire vehicles are not regulated by the councils, and must be the subject of agreement between passenger and driver before a journey commences. Such vehicles may only be driven by the holder of a private hire driver's licence issued by West Suffolk councils.

To apply for an Operator's Licence, please complete the application form then read the below documents:

For operating in Forest Heath District Council please read below:

For operating in St Edmundsbury Borough Council please read below:

Does tacit authorisation apply?
No, this is because it is in the public interest that your application is fully processed before a licence is granted.