Apply for an Operator's Licence

It is a criminal offence to operate a Private Hire Vehicle within West Suffolk (Forest Heath and St Edmundsbury) without having a Private Hire Vehicle Operator's Licence. The council can grant Private Hire Vehicle Operators' Licences upon application to a fit and proper person.

You would need an operating base within the area from where you make provision for making or accepting bookings - an important part of the licensing requirements. This base will require facilities for taking bookings from a member of the public/business client. You may require planning permission and will have to maintain a bookings log available for inspection by the council or police. You should also retain all licences issued by the council for drivers and vehicles you use as these may also need to be inspected.

To check if you need planning approval for your operator base, please contact the Planning Department on 01638 719000 or by emailing

To apply for a Forest Heath District Council Operator's Licence, please read and complete the following documents:

To apply for a St Edmundsbury Borough Council Operator's Licence, please read and complete the following documents:

Does tacit authorisation apply?
No, this is because it is in the public interest that your application is fully processed before a licence is granted.