Open data and transparency

Our non-personal data is open and available for you to access and to use in applications.

Government Open Data Project

Achieving greater transparency of public bodies is a central theme of the Government's programme. To support our commitment to transparency, involvement and innovation we are working towards making all public data (that is not sensitive or personal) freely available to view and download in a variety of formats.

This data includes:

Other data


Locality budgets

Every councillor has a locality budget. This is funding that councillors can use to support community groups in their wards. Each councillor has £2,812.50 to spend throughout the year on projects that benefit the community.

The spreadsheet below shows what has currently been spent by each councillor. Councillors are working with communities all the time and the spreadsheets do not reflect agreements that are still to be processed. They also don't reflect any current discussions that councillors may be having with their local communities about other funding options.