How decisions are made

The decision making process and how your money is spent all starts with you and your vote. An elected councillor's main responsibility is to represent their ward (a specific geographical ;area). Councillors have a duty to ensure that they consider needs and concerns of all the individuals in their ward (and not just the people that voted for them). You can view all the wards in West Suffolk from our ward maps page.

Councillors usually serve for four years. Elected councillors have the opportunity to help shape local policies and decisions. Decisions may be made by the full Council which is the name used when all the councillors are together.

In West Suffolk, some decisions are made by the full Council and others by committees who are responsible for a particular area such as planning or licensing. Full council will usually make decisions on:

  • the budget
  • the overall policy framework
  • constitutional decisions which shape the basic organisation and conduct of the council, councillors and its staff.

Council staff then carry out the service within the framework agreed by councillors.

See a list of all the committees for West Suffolk Council and read the agendas, minutes and decisions made,by following the links below: