Strategic plan

West Suffolk's strategic plan sets out what both councils aim to achieve together, with our partners, local businesses, communities and residents. This means focusing our efforts and resources in the areas that are the biggest priorities for West Suffolk.

Our priorities

Priority 1: Increased opportunities for economic growth Priority 2: Resilient families and communities that are healthy and active Priority 3: Homes for our communities

We want to see:


  1. beneficial growth that enhances prosperity and quality of life
  2. existing businesses that are thriving and new businesses brought to the area
  3. people with the educational attainment and skills needed in our local economy and
  4. vibrant, attractive and clean high streets, village centres and markets

We want to see:

  1. a thriving voluntary sector and active communities who take the initiative to help the most vulnerable
  2. people playing a greater role in determining the future of their communities
  3. improved wellbeing, physical and mental health and
  4. accessible countryside and green spaces

We want to see:

  1. sufficient housing for current and future generations, including:
    • more affordable homes
    • improvements to existing housing
  2. new developments that are fit for the future, properly supported by infrastructure, and that build communities, not just housing and
  3. homes that are flexible for people’s changing needs

The current strategic plan will be reviewed after the decisions process for devolution in Suffolk and Norfolk is complete. Progress towards delivery of our strategic plan is set out in the West Suffolk annual report. A one page summary of the Strategic plan is also available.

The delivery of the vision and priorities in the West Suffolk Strategic Plan are supported by the Medium term financial strategy 2014-16