West Suffolk Physical Activity Framework

We first adopted the Framework for Promoting Physical Activity  in 2016 and then refreshed in 2022. 

Through this framework we set out the commitment to enable and encourage people to lead active lives thereby increasing activity levels across West Suffolk. This will lead to improved health and wellbeing for our communities resulting in less reliance on health care services. The framework also sets out the outcomes we want to see and how, with partners, we can use our role to increase participation in physical activity across West Suffolk.

We aim to identify gaps and opportunities at a local level to ensure that, with our partners, we provide opportunities to take part in physical activity for all levels of ability, including formal and informal activities. This work will be supported by information contained in assessments carried out by Ploszajski Lynch Consulting, who developed a Playing Pitch Assessment and Indoor Sports Facilities Assessment for West Suffolk, and Knight, Kavanagh and Page, who developed an Open Spaces Assessment, together with other data and local knowledge from local councillors and West Suffolk’s Families and Communities team.

This webpage provides information about links to sources of funding for sports clubs and organisations and an overview of what we want to achieve through the framework.

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