Interested in a career in health and social care?

11 Oct 2017

People in Bury St Edmunds can find out about various careers in health and social care by visiting the ‘Careers in Health and Care’ stand in the Arc Shopping Centre on Charter Square, Bury St Edmunds on Saturday 14 October from 9am-5pm.

Staff from West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust and Suffolk County Council’s Home First Service will be on hand to provide advice and guidance on how to get into a career in health and social care.

For example, find out how west Suffolk is seeking to bolster its team of nurses and nursing assistants to deliver the area’s first ‘Buurtzorg’ style team to test a Dutch model of integrated health and personal care.

Buurtzorg, which in English means ‘neighbourhood care’, advocates the use of a highly qualified team to deliver dedicated personal and health care to patients in a neighbourhood area.

This approach is about shifting the emphasis from reactive care to prevention and self-care that happens in the home.

Rowan Procter, executive chief nurse at West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, said:

“There are many varied roles working in health and social care. A great team will be available this weekend to share their experiences and provide helpful information about the many opportunities and career paths that exist locally.

“The Buurtzorg model is a really exciting opportunity for community nursing in west Suffolk, and has the potential to help us meet our ambition to keep people healthy and independent for longer.

“Community nurses will be a central part of testing this beneficial new way of working to explore how we can bring the benefits the Buurtzorg model has brought in Netherlands to west Suffolk.”

The nurses and nursing assistants will work in a small self-managed team to deliver holistic care to their patients, working closely alongside their formal and informal networks to allow individuals to stay in their homes and communities for as long as possible.

In the Netherlands, this approach has led both to higher levels of patient satisfaction and significant reductions in the cost of care provision by providing early detection of problems, reducing longer term care needs and reducing in hospital admissions.

It has garnered plaudits for its nurse-led model, and interest from the UK and beyond.

For staff it offers greater professional freedom and responsibility that comes with supporting each other in self-managed team.

Further information about the jobs being advertised by West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust can be found on NHS jobs.

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