5. Ram Meadow


The Ram Meadow Character Area is a functional, mixed-use location to the east of the town centre. It has an extensive, long-stay car park, is home to the local football club and has vehicle showroom and servicing uses fronting onto Cotton Lane.  It is an allocated housing site identified within the Vision 2031.

Project leads

Borough council, county council, Environment Agency working with local landowners



Maintain existing number and potentially increase parking provision within any redevelopment. Improve pedestrian routes and accessibility into the town centre and also consider the options for shuttle services.


Provide enhanced routes towards and around the riverside area and maintain areas of space for ecological value. Increase the mix of uses within the area including residential development to make a more cohesive town centre neighbourhood.


Introduce attractive, well designed buildings into the area to further enhance its appearance and character. Create attractive built street frontage onto Cotton Lane complementing its residential neighbourhood.

Ensure sustainable flood measures and the preservation of and access to the water meadows and river corridor are integrated into any redevelopment.


  • Enhance pedestrian routes between Ram Meadow and the town centre via Pickwick Crescent and Pump Lane with improved signage, surface paving and lighting.
  • Provide a new residential-led neighbourhood for the town particularly capitalising on the natural green landscape of the town centre.
  • Eastgate and Mustow Street enhancements as key approaches into the town centre including paving and increased tree planting.
  • Increase public access to the river side areas as part of a wider network for informal recreation and leisure uses.
  • Address flood-risk and maintain a fully functioning river meadow.
  • Relocation, by agreement, of the football club to allow for redevelopment.

Meeting MAP Objectives

Aspirations at Ram Meadow will contribute to meeting MAP objectives 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8.