9. Across The Town Centre


The aspirations in this section are those which benefit more than one, and in many cases all, of the above Character Areas. They will assist in bringing the town centre together through providing a consistent approach throughout the area and help to make using the town centre a more pleasurable experience for all.

Project leads

Borough council, working with Suffolk County Council, local stakeholders, advisory groups, businesses and landlords.



Enhance movement for pedestrians and cyclists throughout the town centre. Improve opportunities to stop, sit and enjoy the town centre.


Improve access to a range of activities, including links between the different areas of town.


Preserve and enhance the character and appearance of the town centre, making it more attractive, accessible and convenient for everyone who uses it. Ensure consistency with adopted Streetscape Strategy.


  • As part of a programme to provide consistent, well designed and convenient street furniture:
    • provide more public seating
    • improve signage to key destinations
    • review provision of litter bins and relocate/increase as required.
  • Repair and maintain pavements and walkways using sympathetic and appropriate materials.
  • Provide dedicated cycle facilities including secure parking.
  • Include provision of additional tree planting, planters and displays in all schemes where appropriate and possible.
  • Identify new opportunities for on street parking.
  • Optimise access into and around the area for people with disabilities and mobility difficulties. This could be achieved by addressing issues such as dropped kerbs, street ‘clutter’, surfacing and access to shops and businesses.
  • Improve information about the town centres heritage and areas of interest for visitors and residents alike.
  • Review options for park and ride/walk/cycle provision.
  • Seek opportunities to improve provision of publicly accessible toilets

Meeting MAP Objectives

Aspirations Across the Town Centre will contribute to meeting MAP objectives 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8.