Camping and caravan sites

Mobile homes

Park homes and caravan site licences

Car parks

Car parks

Street parking and permits

Car park season tickets

Parking and travel


Adult social care and health (Suffolk County Council)

Help to live independently (Suffolk County Council)

Careers advice

Careers (External website)

Our Vacancies (External website)

Suffolk Jobs Direct (External website)

British and foreign jobs (External website)

Working with Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils (External website)

Recruitment Documentation (External website)

Equality and Diversity (External website)

Privacy Policy (External website)


Caring for others (Suffolk County Council)

Cemeteries, funerals, cremations and burials

Cemeteries in the Forest Heath District

Cemeteries in St Edmundsbury Borough

Cemetery records


Transferring grave ownership

Chairman and Mayor

Chairman and Mayor

Child care

Childcare information and support for parents and providers (Suffolk County Council)

Civic information

Civic information

Civil emergencies

Emergency planning

Civil partnerships

See Marriages and civil partnerships

Clinical, electrical and hazardous waste

Clinical, electrical and hazardous waste

Commercial land and buildings

Find land and premises

Commercial waste

Commercial services

Committees and meetings

Committees and meetings


Community right to challenge and bid

Community centres and village halls

Your community

RAF Lakenheath and RAF Mildenhall

Communities (External website)

Community Achievement Awards (External website)

Parking (External website)

What's On? (External website)

Grants and Funding (External website)

Emergency Planning (External website)

Community Safety (External website)

Community covenants

Suffolk Armed Forces Community Covenant (External website)

Community safety

Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner (External website)

Suffolk Police (External website)

Crime and safety

Community safety

Antisocial behaviour and nuisance

Crucial Crew for Year 6 pupils (Suffolk County Council)

Warm Homes Healthy People (Suffolk County Council)

Complaints and compliments

Compliment, Comment or Complaints (External website)

Comments, compliments and complaints


Listed buildings

Trees in conservation areas and tree preservation orders

St Edmundsbury conservation areas and appraisals

St Edmundsbury Article 4 Directions

St Edmundsbury Article 4 Directions

Buildings conservation and Article 4 Directions

Forest Heath conservation areas and appraisals

Forest Heath Article 4 Directions


Forest Heath District Council constitution

St Edmundsbury Borough Council constitution



Consultations (External website)

Consumer advice

Trading standards for consumers (Suffolk County Council)

Contact us

Report (External website)

Feedback (External website)

Contact us (External website)

Apply (External website)

Contact us

Contaminated land

Environmental problems

Contractors street parking permits

Contractors street parking permits

Cooling towers and evaporative condensers registration

Cooling towers and evaporative condensers registration


See Registrars and coroners service

Council finance

Budget and financial strategy

Statement of accounts

Finance and statistics

Finance (External website)

Council housing (see also Housing)


Council meetings

Meetings and committees

Council tax

Council tax

Paying Council Tax (External website)

Appeals (External website)

Council Tax (External website)

Moving home (External website)

Access my account (External website)

Valuation bands (External website)

Completion notices (External website)

Council tax and Parish charges (External website)

Exemptions, discounts and reductions (External website)

Annual reviews (External website)

Single person discount review (External website)

Upload council tax evidence (External website)


Parish Precept Form (External website)

Democratic Services (External website)

Chairman and Mayor

Councillors and meetings

Councillors’ attendance statistics

Councillors allowances