Cemeteries in the Forest Heath District


Brandon Town Council manages the cemetery situated on Church Road. For more information, you can contact them by:


Mildenhall Parish Council manages the cemetery on Thetford Road. Full burials and plots for cremated remains are available here. For more information contact the parish council:


In April 2017 we took over the management of Newmarket Cemetery. Any enquiries from members of the public, funeral directors or stone masons need to be made to us.

New graves are available to buy in the cemetery, although we no longer sell graves for pre-purchase. There are also graves for sale especially for the interment of cremated remains.

Opening times

The opening times are set at the discretion of Newmarket Town Council and are displayed on notices throughout the cemetery.

Address and location map

High Street

Google Maps - Newmarket Cemetery

Facilities and services

Chapel: There is a traditional chapel with seating for approximately 25 people which can be hired for funeral services.

Tributes: Memorial benches are available subject to availability.

See our Cemetery charges for a list of fees and services offered.

Only vehicles attending funeral services and Blue Badge holders are allowed access.

How do I buy a grave?

Graves for full burials and for the interment of cremated remains are

Cemetery records

By law, all interments need to be recorded in public burial registers and grave registers. These are available to look at by appointment. Complete the online cemeteries query form to make a request.

Cemetery regulations

Cemetery regulations