Animal licences

West Suffolk Council is responsible for issuing a range of animal licences to ensure that owners of animals and establishments comply with the required standards.

The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals)(England) Regulations 2018 introduced a single animal activities licence which covers dog breeding, dog boarding (including commercial kenneling, home boarding and daycare), cat boarding, pet vending and riding establishments.

We recommend that, if you are currently operating an animal establishment or are planning to open such a business in the future, you familiarise yourself with any changes which may have an impact on your business.

Please see the GOV.UK guidance to assist businesses in meeting the requirements set out in the regulations:

If you require a new licence or wish to renew an existing licence, you will need to complete a single profile form as an applicant and then an application form for each activity you engage in. New licensees will only receive a one year licence for the first year and then up to a three year licence for any renewal based on the new risk rating system. Existing licensees can receive a licence for up to three years based on the new risk rating system - this is explained in the guidance documents. For exhibiting animals, all licences granted will be for a three year period.

The application fee is payable on application and the grant fee is payable once you have been inspected in order to grant your licence. If you have multiple activities, for example you have kennels for boarding and you breed dogs, you will only pay the one fee which is the highest fee of the two activities. Vets' fees will be charged to the applicant if you intend to conduct dog breeding or horse hiring activities.  The applicant is responsible for paying for the council designated veterinarian to inspect the premises; the veterinarian will accompany a licensing officer, but payment must be made to the veterinarian prior to the inspection taking place.

If you apply for any of the activities listed, please fill in the appropriate application form below and return with the correct fee and a completed applicant profile form (please also see the separate fee document below).