West Suffolk Council

On 1 April 2019 Forest Heath District Council and St Edmundsbury Borough Council were replaced by a single district council called West Suffolk Council. We will continue to deliver the same services while finding improved ways of supporting communities, businesses and the local economy. You may notice changes to the website, forms, letters and emails, due to the change.

Apply for a Private hire vehicle licence

If you want to run a private hire vehicle service then you will need a licence. Each driver will also need a private hire driver licence and the vehicle licensed be associated with a licensed operator.

To apply for an Private Hire Vehicle Licence, please read the following documents and complete the application form below:

To apply for a Private Hire Plate Exemption, please read the Guidance for Private Hire Vehicles and complete the application form

More information

Does tacit authorisation apply?
No, this is because it is in the public interest that your application is fully processed before a licence is granted.