Neighbourhood Planning in Ixworth and Ixworth Thorpe

Audience: public, businesses, stakeholders

This consultation is now closed. It was open from 25 May 2017 to 22 June 2017.

St Edmundsbury Borough Council have commenced a four week consultation following an application by Ixworth and Ixworth Thorpe Parish Council to identify an area they feel should be covered by a future neighbourhood plan. The area proposed by Ixworth and Ixworth Thorpe Parish Council for neighbourhood planning purposes follows the Ixworth and Ixworth Thorpe parish boundaries.

As part of the application process, Ixworth and Ixworth Thopre Parish Council has produced a map of the proposed neighbourhood area and statement reasoning why they have chosen the area to be covered. 

St Edmundsbury is keen to hear the views of people who live, work and carry out business in the area. Responses should focus on whether the area is appropriate to be used for the Ixworth and Ixworth Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan.

Further information about Neighbourhood Planning