How we listen to your views


This is an opportunity for councillors (or potential councillors) to explain to you any policies or priorities. It is also a chance for them and you to discuss your community needs and concerns. To make your voice heard, register to vote. You can find out more about voting and how to register to vote from our Voting and elections section.

You may also want to consider standing as a councillor, for more information about what it involves and what you need to do, see our page: How to become a councillor

Parish and town councils

These operate at the most local level and provide some services such as village hall facilities or community play areas. Parish and town councils pay for these services by precepting the principal authority

Parish and town councils are important in ensuring that community views are heard and considered by district and borough councils. Parish and town councils will usually hold meetings where the community can discuss important issues affecting them such as planning applications, local development and facilities that benefit residents such as play areas or village halls.

Consultations and citizens' panels

Councils will carry out consultations on topics that affect your area such as school closures, planning or budget proposals. West Suffolk consultations can be found on our consultations page.

How does this all add up to how my money is spent?

Your local councillor has a duty to ensure that your community views and priorities are heard and considered as part of the council's decision making process. In turn your money will be spent on those areas that councillors have highlighted as important. By voting you can take part in the democratic process and have the opportunity to influence the way services are funded and delivered.