Strategic plan

This sets out what both councils aim to achieve together, with our partners, local businesses, communities and residents.  It sits alongside the Medium Tern Financial Strategy (MTFS) which helps us deliver our vision and priorities within budget. A brief summary of the Strategic plan is given below or you can read our Strategic plan 2016 to 2020 in full on our page: Strategic plan

Why a West Suffolk strategic plan?

Forest Heath District Council and St Edmundsbury Borough Council share staff and services and we have many joint priorities with the potential to deliver benefits to the whole area. A strategic plan for the whole of West Suffolk makes sense as a way of concreting our joint working and shared priorities as well as an opportunity to review priorities set out in previous plans.

About West Suffolk

West Suffolk is an area with a variety of characteristics. This part of the Strategic plan explores what these are and provides some statistical information about the area.

Our vision and priorities for West Suffolk

Here, the Strategic plan sets out what our priorities for the area are:

  • increased opportunities for economic growth
  • resilient families and communities that are healthy and active
  • homes for our communities

The pages in the strategy that follow explore how these priorities will be achieved - through the way we work and any projects and actions there are to support our goals.

Resourcing our priorities

This provides a brief overview of where each council gets its money from and in what areas it is spent. You can also find a more detailed explanation from our page: Where do West Suffolk councils get their money from?

Measuring our progress

Our success can only be measured by what we achieve and we have ensured that we monitor our progress through our performance management framework. This looks at the performance of staff, business plans and making sure that the budget is monitored carefully. In addition to this our senior management team and our Performance, Audit and Scrutiny Committee (PASC) receive regular reports about progress. Committee meeting notes and minutes are available for you to read, you can access them from our page: Meetings and committees This monitoring framework makes sure that we are always striving to improve our services to you and to provide even better value for money.