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West Suffolk priorities

To help us deliver our vision we have developed priorities. they provide direction for focusing our efforts and resources in those areas which are the biggest priorities for West Suffolk over the next two years.

Priority 1:
Growth in West Suffolk’s economy for the benefit of all our residents and UK plc.
Priority 2:
Resilient families and communities that are healthy and active.
Priority 3:
Increased and improved provision of appropriate housing in West Suffolk in both our towns and rural areas.

We will use our influence, investment, partnerships and regulatory powers to:

  • lobby for a better connected West Suffolk, in terms of transport and digital connectivity
  • promote West Suffolk as a place to do business, so as to attract investment and innovation that increases salary levels and encourages the right mix of jobs to grow our economy
  • invest in and promote our local places by building on their unique qualities through specific local strategies, projects and environmental services
  • develop our current and future local workforce through education, training and opportunities for all.

We will use our leadership, local connections, commissioning role and assets to:

  • foster supportive networks to improve and sustain the lives of individuals, families and communities
  • use our community, leisure, open space and heritage assets to support wellbeing and education
  • work with and influence partners including the voluntary sector in our shared endeavour of improving the health, wellbeing and safety of families and communities.

We will use our roles as a local housing and planning authority, a regulator, an investor and local influencer to:

  • plan for housing to meet the needs of current and future generations throughout their lifetimes, that is properly supported by infrastructure, facilities and community networks
  • improve the quality of housing and the local environment for our residents
  • enable people to access suitable and sustainable housing.