West Suffolk

Strategic and financial information

West Suffolk Strategic Plan

The two West Suffolk councils, Forest Heath District and St Edmundsbury Borough, have a joint strategic framework which sets out our shared priorities around economic growth, homes and families and communities. View the West Suffolk Strategic Framework 2018-20.

Finance and and data

You can find links to financial information relating to Forest Heath and St Edmundsbury on the website on our Finance and statistics pages.

Medium Term Financial Strategy

The Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) sets out the approach which we are taking to the sound management of our finances:

Investment framework

There are six key themes within the MTFS including ‘behaving more commercially’ and ‘being an investing authority’. In 2015 both councils approved an investment framework to support those elements. Links to the framework, and appendices, are below (this is the Forest Heath version, mirrored by St Edmundsbury).

Data and intelligence

West Suffolk councils have recognised the significant potential for data, insight and intelligence to transform decision making, and improve service delivery. We have invested resources in our analytical capacity and are regularly using data and insight as part of our design of new proposals. In particular, we are using spacial mapping techniques to better understand our places and neighbourhoods and to use these as a trigger for collaborative working with other agencies.

Suffolk wide working

Following the award of £3.3m of transformation funding to the Suffolk 'system' of local authorities, police and health bodies, West Suffolk has been playing a major role in improving integrated working across Suffolk. For example, officers and councillors have been looking at ways of reducing demand for services by building integrated teams in localities. These multi-agency teams can then work together to support families and communities in becoming stronger and reducing demand for crisis interventions.