We welcome petitions and recognise that this is one way that people can let us know their concerns.

A petition should be about a service we provide or a decision that we are intending to make. It should clearly and concisely state what the subject of the petition is. Petitions can be submitted on paper or electronically.

You will need to submit your petition to the council. For full details and guidelines about the council's petitions scheme visit: West Suffolk Council petitions scheme.

We cannot accept petitions that are concerned with a specific planning or licensing application. We also cannot accept petitions that are vexations, abusive or otherwise inappropriate.


We accept petitions electronically. There are numerous websites that can help you create an e-petition which you can then send to the council. Ensure that you are aware of any terms and conditions on external websites regarding the use of your data, we cannot be held responsible for how your personal information may be used by other websites.

Your completed petition can be emailed to 

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