The future

You will have seen from this report that we have made significant steps towards achieving our strategic priorities in 2016/17. We also know there are challenging times ahead and that we need to utilise the opportunities available to us in the future.

Future of local government in west Suffolk – In September 2017, Forest Heath and St Edmundsbury councils agreed that a new single council should be created for West Suffolk. The new authority will replace both councils. The business case suggests that the new council could better drive jobs, deliver services and continue investment to support local communities than the current arrangement. The business case will now be sent to the Secretary of State for the Department for Communities and Local Government for a parliamentary order to be made. (Updated since first publication).

  • Changes in local government finance
  • Investment
  • Strategic Plan refresh
  • Inclusive growth
  • Universal Credit / Welfare reform
  • Partnership working / new forms of delivery