Annual report

This annual report presents the progress that West Suffolk councils made during 2018-19 in delivering our vision and priorities.

We have now completed our journey to becoming a single West Suffolk Council after successfully sharing services since 2013. This report therefore looks back on everything we have achieved in our final year as Forest Heath District Council and St Edmundsbury Borough Council.

The vision and priorities that we worked towards during 2018-19 are set out in the West Suffolk Strategic Framework 2018-20 

The report describes our achievements in detail across all of our localities, whether towns, villages or countryside. Some of the work we have done impacts on all of our residents and businesses, whereas other elements are focused on specific communities. In doing this, our aim is to respond to the specific assets, aspirations and needs of our different places and communities to ensure all of them are best placed to grow in prosperity and quality of life.

Read the full report: West Suffolk Council Annual Report 2018-19