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Newmarket High Street design consultation


The High Street in Newmarket is a key asset in our town. In order to adapt to the ever-changing trends in retail and leisure behaviours we want to ensure the high street remains attractive for residents and visitors alike. A proposal has been put forward by the Newmarket Vision Town Centre Group on future improvements to the High Street. We would like to hear your views. To find out more and take part visit: Newmarket High Street design consultation. Closes 5pm 25 January 2019.

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Established in 2012, Newmarket Vision is a partnership of public, private and voluntary sector groups working to improve Newmarket's town centre, tourism and educational opportunities, traffic and community planning.

The Princes' Trust was initially asked to collate and analyse the opinion of a variety of community groups in Newmarket in order to identify how people felt the area should develop over the coming years. The resulting vision for Newmarket and the action plan can be seen in the report: Newmarket Vision, enquiry by design

How Newmarket Vision is implemented

There are four delivery groups, each one oversees a key area in the implementation of Newmarket Vision, they are the:

  • Education Delivery Group
  • Town Centre, Retail, Local Economy and Tourism Delivery Group
  • Traffic and Highways Delivery Group
  • Equine hub

The delivery groups are supported by the steering group whose role is to ensure the delivery of key actions as efficiently as possible. For more information about members of each delivery group, read: Newmarket Vision structure. You can also find out more from our bi-monthly eNewsletter

Agreed priorities

A list of agreed priorities and a timeline for the implementation of Newmarket Vision can be seen here: overall project plan, agreed priorities

Studies and reports


To keep everyone in touch with what's happening we publish a monthly e-Newsletter

Delivery groups 

Steering Group

Community Planning Delivery Group

(work now transferred to

Education Delivery Group

Equine Hub

Town Centre, Retail, Local Economy and Tourism Delivery Group (TRET)

Traffic and Highways Delivery Group

If you have any comments please contact:

Newmarket Vision morning workshop for Delivery Groups 21 April 2016

Newmarket Vision Conference 19 September 2014