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In the United Kingdom there are various elections held, usually every four or five years. To find out more read about the different types of elections listed below:

2017 Election results

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UK Parliamentary elections

UK Parliamentary election - 7 May 2015


 Suffolk County Council by-elections

Police and Crime Commissioner elections

Forest Heath District elections

St Edmundsbury Borough elections

Parish and town elections in Forest Heath

Parish and town elections in St Edmundsbury

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Lists of publicly funded buildings

General Election results

Voters living in West Suffolk will be within one of three constituencies: West Suffolk, Bury St Edmunds or South Suffolk. To find out which constituency you live in, see the Ordnance Survey, election maps (select 'Westminster constituency')

To find out results of the 7 May General Election, visit: The Electoral Commission, 2015 UK general election results

Election archives

For the results of more elections such as the European Parliament, parish, town, district, borough and county council elections visit our Election archive page.