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By elections

By elections take place to fill a vacancy that has arisen sometimes due to resignation or the death of a councillor.

Current by elections

Clare Town Council

Current notices of vacancies

By elections 2018 - declaration of results

Neighbourhood Planning Referendum for Hargrave

A referendum was held on Thursday 12 July 2018.

St Edmundsbury (Haverhill East and North Wards) and Haverhill Town Council (East and North Wards)

An election was held on Thursday 3 May 2018.

St Edmundsbury (St Olaves Ward)

An election was held on Thursday 12 April 2018.

Clare Town Council

An election for Clare Town council was held on Thursday 8 February 2018.

2017 elections

More information about elections results including the 2017 elections can be found on our About elections and past results page.