The electoral register

To vote in UK elections or referendums you need to register to vote Once you have done this your name and address will appear on the electoral register.

How to vote

You can vote one of three ways:

The electoral register

There are two versions of the electoral register. One is the 'full version' the other is called the 'open register.' The open register is available to anyone who wants to buy a copy. You can opt out of the open register by contacting the elections team at your relevant council, if you are unsure of who your local council is see: Gov.UK, find your local council

For more information about the electoral register, visit: Gov.UK the electoral register and open register

Buying the open register

You can buy the open register by contacting the elections team in the relevant council. You can buy the information in a paper format or electronically. The charges are set by the government and are shown below:


 Electronic dataPaper
Admin charge per purchase£20£10
Per 1,000 names£1.50£5