West Suffolk Council

On 1 April 2019 Forest Heath District Council and St Edmundsbury Borough Council were replaced by a single district council called West Suffolk Council. We will continue to deliver the same services while finding improved ways of supporting communities, businesses and the local economy. You may notice changes to the website, forms, letters and emails, due to the change.

Emergency planning

The council works to be ready help the emergency services deal with major emergencies that affect our communities. We also plan how we will help communities to recover from emergencies and get back to normal.

Suffolk Joint Emergency Planning Unit (JEPU)

We are part of the Suffolk Joint Emergency Planning Unit (JEPU). The unit is a shared service between all the local authorities in Suffolk. The aim is to ensure mutual support for each authority in case of emergency. For more information visit: Suffolk resilience, JEPU

We work with our emergency services partners to plan for a wide range of emergencies and we test our plans during exercises to make sure we are as well prepared as we need to be. More information on Emergency plans