What is Housing benefit?

Housing benefit can be used to pay part or all of your rent if you are on a low income. You can only claim housing benefit if you rent your home. If you have a mortgage and need help, you can apply for Council Tax Reduction.

Some people will need to claim support for their housing costs as part of their Universal Credit claim. Find out if you should claim Universal Credit or Housing Benefit.

Who is entitled to Housing benefit?

Some people on a low income who rent their home from a housing association or rent privately (if this is the case the allowance is called Local Housing Allowance). For a full list of what is taken into consideration and who can claim visit: Anglia Revenues Partnership – Who can get Housing Benefit? Others will have to claim housing costs as part of their Universal Credit claim.

What could I get?

Use this online calculator to see how much you could get. You can also use this tool to see how a change in your circumstances will affect your benefit.

How do I apply for housing benefit?

You can apply for housing benefit by following the online services section of the Anglia Revenues Partnership website.

Reductions in Housing benefit due to under-occupancy

If your house is considered too large for you, any Housing benefit you receive may be reduced.

If you are in rented social housing such as a housing association property, you can find out more by visiting: Anglia Revenues partnership - How is Housing Benefit calculated?

If you are in private rented accommodation, you can find out more by visiting: Anglia Revenues Partnership, local housing allowance

Discretionary housing payment

If the Housing benefit you receive does not cover the cost of your rent and you are still having difficulty meeting payments, we may be able to help. The discretionary housing payment is a limited fund that we can access to help in exceptional circumstances. To find out more and apply, visit: Anglia Revenues Partnership, discretionary payments