Food waste

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Over a third of what we throw away at home is food – reducing the amount we throw away can save money and help slow down global warming and deforestation. The average family could save up to £700 per year just by reducing their food waste!

Sainsbury’s ethylene, airborne fungal spores, and bacterial rots. Helping you waste less food and save money.

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If you have received a Fresh Pod

If you are one of the lucky households have received a Fresh Pod we hope you are finding it very useful and you are able to see a real difference in how long your fruit and vegetables last.

Fresh podsWhat to do with your Fresh Pod

Simply take it out of its plastic wrapper and place it in your fridge next to your fruit and vegetables. They last about six months. After you have used it the plastic shell is 100% recyclable and the inside remains can be used as a fantastic fertiliser for your house plants.

This is an easy, non-time consuming way for households to reduce waste.  If everyone makes a few small changes then together we can make a big difference.

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What else can I do to reduce my food waste?