Abandoned vehicles

A vehicle may be abandoned if more than one of the points listed below is true:

  • the windscreen is broken
  • there is mould inside or outside of the vehicle
  • the tyres are flat
  • the vehicle is unlocked
  • the vehicle is untaxed - paper tax discs are no longer issued, instead you can check if a vehicle is taxed or not by visiting: DVLA, vehicle enquiry, if you find that a car is untaxed you can report this directly to the DVLA using the online form: DVLA report an untaxed vehicle

You can contact us using this online form if you consider a vehicle to be abandoned. When reporting an abandoned vehicle you will need to let us know:

  • the make, model and colour of the vehicle
  • the registration number
  • if the vehicle is taxed
  • how long the vehicle has been at that location
  • whether the car is damaged or in a dangerous condition
  • your contact details so that we can keep you updated

Abandoning vehicles is a criminal offence and carries a maximum fine of £2,500 and potentially three months imprisonment.