Background to the West Suffolk Operational Hub consultation Jan-Feb 2016

The partner councils carried out a consultation across West Suffolk from 8 January to 19 February 2016. They consulted on:

  • work carried out to date on the WSOH project
  • assessment which says a hub on a single site is the best way of delivering the facilities required
  • process for assessing a suitable site.

These documents provided background information to the consultation:

  • assessments showing that relocating various waste facilities to a single site is the best strategy for West Suffolk
  • methods used to work out where a WSOH should go
  • Sustainability Appraisal which looks at environmental, social and economic effects.

We also welcomed suggestions for alternatives sites for a WSOH.

Consultation documents

The consultation ran from 8 January to 19 February 2016.

These documents provide background information:

Public Consultation Plan

A Public Consultation Plan (PCP) set out how the consultation would be carried out and next steps after it closed.