Register a food business

The type of registration or approval you need depends on what type of food business you operate:

  • Premises registration is needed if you store, prepare, distribute or sell food on premises. This includes premises such as restaurants, takeaways, mobile catering vans, delivery vans, market stalls and your home if you run a food business from there, for example a home cake maker. Apply for food premises registration.
  • Premises approval is needed if you make, prepare or handle food that comes from animals (such as meat or dairy products) but do not sell these directly to the consumer, for example, producing sausages that are supplied wholesale to a different business for subsequent retail sale. GOV.UK - Apply for food premises approval

There is no fee to register your food business.

Do I need to register my vehicles?

If you use vehicles in connection with permanent premises you do not need to register them. You only need to tell us how many vehicles you have. If your vehicle is a mobile food business you will need to apply for a premises registration with the council where the vehicle is normally kept. If you do not know which council that is, visit: GOV.UK - Find your local council

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