COVID-19 information for licensed premises - Preparing to re-open your licensed premises once COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed

You will need a licence in order to run a variety of businesses or organise some fund raising events. It is always best to check if you need a licence. Failure to hold a proper licence for activities that require one is a criminal offence. Find out what licence you need by visiting, Gov.UK – licence finder

You can get licences from the local licensing authority, this is usually the local council.

List of taxi ranks

Zone A - Newmarket and Mildenhall:

  • High Street, Newmarket, near WH Smith with feeder near White Hart
  • Fred Archer Way, Newmarket
  • Bus Station, Mildenhall

Zone B - Bury St Edmunds and Haverhill:

  • Cornhill, Bury St Edmunds, including feeders
  • St Andrews Street, Bury St Edmunds
  • Bury Station - private rank, with council provided feeder in Station Hill layby operating 8.30pm to 5.20am only.
  • Brook Service Road, Haverhill
  • Market Street, Haverhill

all ranks are 24-hour unless stated otherwise.

You can access information about the majority of licensed businesses in the area by using our public licensing registers:

If you would like to report a concern or issue with a licensed business such as a taxi firm, contact our licensing team at