Accessing financial support for businesses affected by COVID-19

Previous grant schemes

Over the six months ending in September 2020, the council had been working to pay out the Government COVID-19 support grants to businesses. The deadline for all grants to be paid was the end of September.

We paid out £36,690,000 to 2,952 West Suffolk businesses under the Small Business Grant Fund and the Retail, Leisure and Hospitality grant. Both schemes had strict criteria based around business rate valuation. Of the money allocated to West Suffolk Council for these two schemes £715,000 was left and was be returned to central Government as all eligible businesses who wanted to apply for the scheme were paid grants.

The Council was also allocated £1,870,250 to issue under a local scheme with central Government stating that businesses in shared premises, market traders, bed and breakfasts and charities, should be prioritised. All of this allocation was paid out to 278 West Suffolk businesses and no money from this scheme was returned to central Government.

West Suffolk Council remains committed to supporting local businesses. Businesses seeking advice or support should contact the economic development team by emailing

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Final pay out on grants - West Suffolk Council_Infographic