COVID-19 Waste disposal advice

West Suffolk waste collections and facilities continue to run as normal at present, but the situation is dynamic and will be subject to change. Any changes will be published at the time.

For those with confirmed or possible coronavirus

There is comprehensive advice on the Government website which states:

Cleaning and disposal of waste

When cleaning you should use your usual household products, like detergents and bleach as these will be very effective at getting rid of the virus on surfaces. Clean frequently touched surfaces.

Personal waste (for example used tissues) and disposable cleaning cloths can be stored securely within disposable rubbish bags. These bags should be placed into another bag, tied securely and kept separate from other waste within your own room. This should be put aside for at least 72 hours before being put in your usual external household waste bin.

The current Government advice regarding waste has been updated. This and other information on waste and recycling, can be found on Suffolk Recycling - Coronavirus waste disposal advice

Other household waste can be disposed of as normal.

Disposal of waste from lateral flow testing at home

Find out about Disposal of waste from lateral flow testing at home

Top tips on reducing waste and recycling more during the COVID-19 outbreak

Our Garden waste collection service is open for subscriptions for our residents, you can sign up online. There there are also excellent offers and advice for home composting on Get Composting

Burning garden waste at home creates air pollution that could create a nuisance and harm people nearby who may already have breathing difficulties due to COVID-19. There is also the danger that fires could get out of control; fire services around the country are reporting an increase in call-outs due to garden fires. The council website has more information.

Bin crews will not be able to take your waste away unless it is all in your bin with the lid closed. Household Waste Recycling Centres are now open again, you must book a time slot online to visit any of the suffolk recycling centres.

Minimising the amount of rubbish, recycling and food waste we produce will make a real difference to maintaining a good service for everyone. Find tips for reducing food waste at Food Savvy

There are many ingenious uses for things we might otherwise throw away – for instance, using plastic tubs with lids to store leftovers in the freezer, or cutting up old sheets and towels to use as dusters and cleaning cloths.

If you’re self-isolating and feeling ill, please put any potentially infected items like used tissues or cleaning cloths into separate plastic bags and double bag them. These bags should then be put aside for at least 72 hours (three days) before they go into your external bin. For more information, see the Public Health England website.

Protect bin crews by washing your hands when your bin goes out and comes in, and if possible, disinfect the handle. Please wave to the crews, if you’d like to show your appreciation for their work on the frontline, but please also, socially distance.


Wednesday 29 September 2021 3:43 PM