Safer places - Bury St Edmunds

Measures in Bury St Edmunds town centre

Abbey Gardens is open for exercise and relaxation, and measures have been taken to ensure that people can use the park safely. Please observe the signs in the park

Guidance to all businesses

GOV.UK – Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19)


Businesses should only open where it is safe to do so. How businesses cooperate in ensuring the safety of customers and the layering impact of multiple premises being accessed (for example queuing, use of car parks) will be a key consideration and the council can help with advice and guidance as necessary.

Businesses must remove any outside furniture and A-boards or other items that restrict safe passage, unless they are being used for social distancing purposes.

The council is producing a resource pack to support businesses with signage.

Abbey Gardens Abbey Gardens is open for exercise and relaxation, and measures have been taken to ensure that people can use the park safely. Please observe the signs in the park.
Changes to road and path layouts

The council is working with local partners and Our Bury St Edmunds Business Improvement District to identify measures to respond to potential pinch points where safe distancing will be challenging. These measures will be kept under review and are summarised on the following page. We are liaising with Suffolk County Council’s Highways team on implementation.

Queuing protocol

Businesses are advised to ensure that customers queue in a safe way, following the line of the building rather than cutting across the pavement. Pavement stickers should be used or barriers. Numbers in queues may need to be limited if it impacts on the other pedestrians or shops.

Public toilets

Public toilets operated by West Suffolk are open with a strict cleaning regime and entry and exit protocols. Please observe the signs.


West Suffolk markets have re-opened and strict social distancing protocols are in place. This will be kept under review and the impact on safe distancing as retail reopens carefully tracked.

Car parking

The council run car parks are currently open.


Car parking charges are being reinstated across West Suffolk from Monday 15 June to manage demand on spaces. Parking tariffs are remaining at the old levels with permits available for certain care workers. Managing car parks through charging ensures parking turnover for shops and the availability of long stay spaces for workers.


In West Suffolk Council operated car parks, COVID-19 key messaging signs remind users about social distancing and washing hands, with lines painted on the floor by each machine to ensure social distancing. RingGo will be publicised as a contactless method of payment.


The council will be using its civil parking enforcement powers to address vehicles that are parked illegally and impacting on safe movement.

Street bins

Public street bins are being cleaned.


If you go into a commercial premises and see some mistakes, don’t start recording or taking photos to later upload on to social media. Please speak to the manager. We have to help each other. This is new for everyone and business owners will be trying their best to make it safe and get their business running again. Let’s help each other through this transition. Please report any serious concerns by email: food&  

Map of Bury St Edmunds town centre highways and footpath changes

Safer places - Bury St Edmunds map

Key to map

1a. Market Thoroughfare - Closed due to construction works.

1b. Central Walk - two-way walking system with keep left.

3. Abbeygate Street Continue to review the existing traffic regulation order (TRO) which exclude vehicles (10am-4pm) and exploring suspending on street parking outside of these hours for social distancing. Any changes to TRO times will consider deliveries.

Being considered by West Suffolk Council or to be kept under review

2. Queuing for shops on market days - continue to monitor.

4. Queuing for Taxi rank on Cornhill when shops open - continue to monitor.

5. Buttermarket, Cornhill and Abbeygate loop - car parking suspensions have been lifted as queues are managed well - continue to monitor.

6. and 7. Risbygate Street - continue to monitor use of footpath and consider options. A Suffolk County Council Highways led trial has started creating a cycle lane with the aim to promote cycling.

8.  St John’s Street – to be kept under review, due to narrow pavements, car parking and large volume of small businesses.

Download Safer places - measures for Bury St Edmunds town centre - highways and footpath changes map