Safer places - principles

  • The priority is the safety of the public and reduction in spread of COVID-19 while helping the economy and businesses recover.
  • The district council and county council are working together with local businesses and partners to form a coordinated, place based leadership approach using the national Government guidelines and engaging with local stakeholders where appropriate.
  • Individual responsible organisations, such as businesses and business organisations landowners, will be signposted to relevant national guidance and advice given by enforcement authorities where needed.
  • Specific local solutions are informed by national guidelines . We are initially considering transport hubs, high streets, shopping centres, areas for employment and commercial uses, and parks. Typically characterised by high footfall and constrained areas for transport modes, pedestrian, cycle and vehicular.
  • Keeping safe is everyone’s responsibility and that the public and businesses must play their part. This will be a changing situation and measures will evolve as their effectiveness is reviewed and guidance changes.