Test and Trace Support Payment

Government has introduced Test and Trace Support Payments to provide financial aid to some people, such as those on low incomes and benefits, who have been asked to self-isolate. Councils have been asked by Government to administer this system.

If you have been contacted by NHS Test and Trace and have been told to self-isolate, you may be entitled to financial support. You must meet all the following eligibility criteria, to be entitled to a lump sum payment of £500:

  • You have been told to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace on or after 28 September 2020.
  • You have responded to your notification from the NHS Test and Trace and engaged with the service by providing the legally required information.
  • You are employed or self-employed.
  • You cannot work from home and will lose income as a result.
  • You are currently receiving at least one of the following benefits: Universal Credit, Working Tax Credit, income-based Employment and Support Allowance, income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, Income Support, Housing Benefit and/or Pension Credit, or you have a household income of less that £37,400 (couple or single parents) or £19,200 (single person) and have savings of less than £3,000.
  • You made your application up to 28 days after your first day of self-isolation: for example, if you started their self-isolation period on 1 January, you would have until 29 January to make a claim.

Applications are made for one person only and any further applications within the same household must be made by each individual.

Payments are subject to tax but not National Insurance.

Please make sure that you have the following information available before starting the application:

  • your National Insurance (NI) number
  • your eight digit Test and Trace ID number
  • your most recent bank statement, proof of self-employment or wage slips as well as proof of receipt of one of the qualifying benefits.

Fraud advice

In an initiative between government and the independent charity Crimestoppers, the public can now call a new COVID Fraud Hotline (0800 587 5030) anonymously and free of charge to report suspected fraudulent activity. The COVID Fraud Hotline is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on 0800 587 5030 or fill in the simple and secure anonymous form at www.Covidfraudhotline.org

Test and Trace Enquiries and Complaints Service

Government has launched a new Test and Trace Enquiries and Complaints Service as part of the wider 119 telephone service. You can now call NHS Test and Trace to discuss any enquiries, complaints or self-isolation disputes and receive support.

More information

If you need to talk to someone about this you can talk to someone at the council on 01284 776200 or email self-isolation@angliarevenues.gov.uk or contact the Anglia Revenues Partnership on 01284 757275

What you are required to do

If asked for by Test and Trace you must self-isolate by law and failure to do so would mean you would be no longer eligible for the payment and steps will be made to recover the funds.

For more details of the NHS Test and Trace self-isolation requirements for those:

  • testing positive
  • who have been in contact with someone who has tested positive and now has been told to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace.

Please visit the NHS website - Test and Trace - Help the NHS alert your close contacts if you test positive for coronavirus


The council will not accept deliberate manipulation and fraud. You will therefore be liable to repay the support payment if you are not entitled to it and anyone caught falsifying their records to gain additional support payment will face prosecution.

Further help available

Whether you meet the criteria or not set by Government, there is help available for those facing financial difficulty or needing support. The Suffolk Support and Advice Service helps people across the county access information or support relating to debt, benefits, housing or employment. You can contact the service on 0800 068 3131 between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday or visit Suffolk Support and Advice Service

Please note

We are required by law to protect the public funds we administer.

We may share information provided to us with other bodies responsible for auditing or administering public funds, or where undertaking a public function, in order to prevent and detect fraud. Your personal data may be used to manage, monitor, improve and promote our services. Where delivery of services or actions is in partnership with others, it may also be shared with other persons or bodies in accordance with, and restricted to, the terms of information shared agreements and protocols.