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West Suffolk Council is made up of the 64 councillors.  Elections to West Suffolk Council were held on 4 May 2023 and you can view the results here: West Suffolk Council election results 4 May 2023

A partnership between the West Suffolk Progressive Alliance Grouping (Leader: Cllr David Smith) and the Independents (Leader: Cllr Victor Lukaniuk) have agreed to work together, under the title of West Suffolk Working Partnership (WSWP), to form the administration which leads West Suffolk Council.

The Leader for West Suffolk Council is Cllr Cliff Waterman of the West Suffolk Progressive Alliance Grouping and Cllr Victor Lukaniuk is Deputy Leader. Details about the Cabinet can be found at Committee details - Cabinet

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The West Suffolk Council is made up of the following as of 23 May 2023:

Political groups Number of councillors
Conservative Group (Leader - Cllr Beccy Hopfensperger) 26
Independents (Leader - Cllr Victor Lukaniuk) 19
West Suffolk Progressive Alliance Grouping (Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green) (Leader - Cllr David Smith) 19
Vacancies 0
Total 64

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