Current elections, referendums and vacancies

By elections

By elections take place to fill a vacancy that has arisen sometimes due to resignation or the death of a councillor.

Current by elections

Clare Town Council

A request for an election to be held for a vacancy on Clare Town Council has been received.

A by election will be held on Thursday 15 November 2018.

The notice of election and nomination paper will be published on Thursday 11 October 2018.

Current notices of vacancies

By elections 2018 - declaration of results

Neighbourhood Planning Referendum for Hargrave

A referendum was held on Thursday 12 July 2018.

St Edmundsbury (Haverhill East and North Wards) and Haverhill Town Council (East and North Wards)

An election was held on Thursday 3 May 2018.

St Edmundsbury (St Olaves Ward)

An election was held on Thursday 12 April 2018.

Clare Town Council

An election for Clare Town council was held on Thursday 8 February 2018.

2017 elections

More information about elections results including the 2017 elections can be found on our About elections and past results page.