Council Tax Reduction scheme

These sections provide information and links to advice about the Council Tax Reduction scheme:

What is the Council Tax Reduction scheme?

This is a reduction in your Council Tax bill. If you have a low income from either your earnings or benefits, you can apply for a Council Tax Reduction. You can apply whether you own your home or are renting. Even if you are receiving Universal Credit you must apply for Council Tax Reduction via the council.

Who can apply for Council Tax Reduction?

In order to apply for Council Tax Reduction you must be the person whose name is on the bill. You can apply if you are on a low income whether you are receiving other benefits or not. For a full list of who is eligible visit: Anglia Revenues Partnership - What is Council Tax Reduction?

What reduction could I get?

See what reduction you could get by using the online calculator

How do I apply for Council Tax Reduction?

You can apply for a Council Tax Reduction by completing this form: Anglia Revenues Partnership - apply online for Council Tax Reduction

Council Tax Reduction scheme appeals

If a decision that affects you has been made about Council Tax reduction and you do not agree with it, you can appeal the decision. You can find out more about what decisions you can appeal against by visiting, Anglia Revenues Partnership - Overpayments, appeals and reviews

What is a Second Adult Rebate and what does it mean for me?

Second Adult Rebate may be available to you if you are of pensionable age and share your property with another adult who is on a low income.

Apply for Second Adult Rebate (pensionable age only)