Grass cutting

We work hard to make sure that our grassed areas are maintained to appropriate standards throughout the district. These include our parks and green spaces, playing fields and recreation grounds, cemeteries, playgrounds (amenity areas) and grass verges maintained on behalf of Suffolk County Council. We also maintain seasonal floral displays including hanging baskets and bedding schemes in Bury St Edmunds, Newmarket and Haverhill and trees, hedges, shrub and flower beds district wide.

Grass cutting is affected by various factors such as weather and capacity, but if areas are not cut when planned the teams will be back as soon as possible to complete the work.

Some grass areas are managed in different ways and may be left longer before cutting to support the local environment and encourage plants, animals and insects. This may mean some areas are not cut as much, and is part of the council’s wider work to tackle climate change.

For the latest on grass cutting in West Suffolk - June and October 2021 we published details of our grass cutting schedule.

We are sharing this information again weekly during the 2022 mowing season.

We have divided the district into three areas and we aim to cut approximately one third of the amenity grass in each area, each week.

Update 4 August 2022:

Due to the extremely hot weather, and therefore lack of grass growth, we have been turning our grass cutting team's attention to hedge and shrub maintenance. In addition, we have been cutting-in some fire breaks at sites such as Hardwick Heath and other cutting works that needed to be done. 

The team always reviews when on site whether the grass needs to be cut or what action needs to be taken.

Therefore, due to the continued hot weather, little rain and very small amount of growth, we are suspending general cuts until this situation changes. We will be keeping the situation under review and some areas may still need attention.

We also treat some areas differently because of biodiversity and encouraging the local environment. This includes creating meadow areas, wildflower verges and using plants in our garden that help and encourage pollinators.

Once conditions have changed and normal grass cutting is re-introduced, we will update this webpage.

Previous weeks:

West Suffolk Council is not responsible for the cutting or maintenance of all public land and some is the responsibility of organisations such as Suffolk County Council or housing associations. Others may be the responsibility of organisations such as parish or town councils. Here are contacts and information for those organisations.

Grass cutting rounds are also designed to take into account factors where specialist equipment is needed or shared on other jobs in that area.

To report a problem or issue with our grounds maintenance you can complete our online grounds maintenance enquiry form or contact Customer Services 01284 757320.