Supported housing

Supported housing is accommodation for people who require additional support to learn the skills to help them live independently. People that live in Supported housing will have support workers who can help with everyday issues and offer advice. They also teach valuable skills such as budgeting and applying for jobs.

Types of supported accommodation

Specialist supported accommodation provide support for other groups of vulnerable people in housing need. These include people with alcohol and drug problems, mental health sufferers and ex-offenders. There are many sorts of supported accommodation, ones that support younger people and others which work with generally older people.

Accessing supported accommodation

Supported housing is available to individuals and families aged over 16 with support needs who would benefit from this type of accommodation. It enables individuals experiencing homelessness to access supported housing.

The Suffolk Coordination Service (SCS) is no longer taking applications. All new applications for supported accommodation will need to be made through the new Housing Related Support Access route.

  • All customers who were previously registered with SCS and are still in need of accommodation and support will need to refresh their application on HRS Access. Many who have self referred are being contacted but referral agencies are asked to support customers in need to ensure they are registered on HRS Access using the new on line form.
  • From Monday 3 April 2017 all applications for housing related support should be made online at
  • Paper forms, Suffolk Coordination Service (SCS) and CARA forms will not be accepted. Please dispose of any forms and leaflets that you have.