New owner for Leiston Community Centre – the people of Haverhill

11 Jul 2017

Handover to the Haverhill Community Trust

St Edmundsbury Borough Council has formally transferred ownership of Leiston Community Centre to the Haverhill Community Trust, the charity which already manages the Haverhill Arts Centre on behalf of the people of Haverhill.

The busy community centre located in Leiston Road on the Clements Estate has three main rooms making it suitable for a range of different activities. It provides a venue for a wide range of local community groups offering activities from martial arts and zumba to lunch groups and sequence dancing. The centre is used for community meetings, birthdays and is the local polling station too.

Cllr Robert Everitt, St Edmundsbury Cabinet member for Communities said: “We know from experience that community centres are even more successful and better used when they are owned and managed by the community itself. We have already seen this success at the Chalkstone Community Centre in Haverhill and Southgate Community Centre in Bury St Edmunds, where both centres have seen a marked increase in use since they were transferred. This is because the people that are running these centres have been able to better identify and meet the needs of their local community. Under the guidance of the Haverhill Community Trust, I believe the Leiston can be reinvigorated and re-establish its place at the heart of the community, serving the needs of its local people, and this can only be a good thing.”

Cllr David Roach, Chair of Haverhill Community Trust and Mayor of Haverhill said, “We are delighted to take on this community centre on behalf of the people of Haverhill. The Community Trust has a plan to make a number of improvements to the building and the facilities it offers. We want to make the building the absolute hub of this community, the place where people come together to support each other, have fun and to celebrate as families, neighbours and friends.”


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