New parking restrictions at West Suffolk House and Shire Hall

07 Jul 2015

Car park

A consultation notice has been published, along with the proposed order setting out changes to the parking restrictions at West Suffolk House and Shire Hall. Anyone wishing to make objections to the proposed changes should follow the procedure in the consultation notice.

West Suffolk House

It is intended that, from 3 August 2015, anyone who parks in the front car park at West Suffolk House for more than 90 minutes between 8am and 5pm will be liable for a fine of £70 (discounted to £30 if paid within 14 days).

Anyone visiting the car park will need to display a ticket obtained from the ticket machine which will give them 90 minutes of free parking.

The machines are calibrated to prevent people topping up their free car parking after 90 minutes.

Shire Hall

Shire Hall car park is a new weekend car park available from 7pm each Friday to 7am on a Monday. It is intended that charging will be introduced on a Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday. This is consistent with all town centre car parks. It will allow the management of demand and off-set operational costs.


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