Court order bans anti-social resident from their own home

19 Jul 2021

A Newmarket resident has been banned from their own home for at least three months after work to tackle anti-social behaviour.

West Suffolk Council successfully applied for the Closure Order for 6 Brewers Lane following partnership work with Suffolk Police and Hastoe Housing Group.

It follows complaints from earlier this year about persistent anti-social behaviour at the address.

The order, granted to the Council by Ipswich Magistrates Court under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, bans the occupier from living at the address and anyone else from being there other than Hastoe Housing Group. While the order, granted by the court on Wednesday 14 July, is in place for initially for three months, it can be extended.

Cllr Robert Everitt, Cabinet Member for Families and Communities at West Suffolk Council said: “This week is National Anti-Social Behaviour Awareness week. Behaviour such as persistently playing loud music, shouting, swearing and screaming, and drink and drug fuelled actions, can all have a damaging impact to the health and wellbeing of those people living and working close by. Court orders are always the last resort and we will always try to work with all parties to try to resolve the situation more amicably. But where all else fails, we and our partners, are prepared to take the necessary action to force a stop to these behaviours that have been plaguing the lives of local residents.”

George Parkinson, Operations Director at Hastoe said: “We understand the damaging impact antisocial behaviour can have on individuals and the wider community and we take our role in tackling these issues alongside our partners very seriously. Legal action is a last resort, but we will always use the powers available to us and support our partners in taking action when other measures do not work.”

Insp Mark Shipton from Newmarket said: "We know that anti-social behaviour can blight communities and seriously affect people's quality of life and this outcome demonstrates how collectively, working in partnership, we can take positive and successful action where necessary.”



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