Council to invest £70,000 to improve park car park

04 Oct 2021

Nowton Park

West Suffolk Council is investing in a £70,000 upgrade to its car park at Nowton Park ahead of half term.

Advanced warning signs are going up at the car park next week ahead of the work scheduled to take place from Monday 18 October to Wednesday 20 October.

The car park will be closed during this time although pedestrians will still be able to access the park.

The essential works, which are subject to the weather, include resurfacing, relining and clearing of vegetation around the car park.

Cllr Jo Rayner, Cabinet Member for Leisure, Culture and Community Hubs said: “Nowton Park, just like our other parks, plays an important part in people’s everyday health and wellbeing. Lots of people use our parks for physical exercise. Nowton Park is popular with organised groups such as Parkrun and local football clubs as well as people going for a walk or taking their children out so they can run off some steam.

“While our parks stayed open during the pandemic, since restrictions were lifted we have seen visits to the parks soar and the car park is now in need of some maintenance so we can ensure we can continue to welcome lots of visitors.

“This investment, which we are deliberately trying to get completed ahead of half term, will ensure that people travelling by car can still access and enjoy this wonderful parkland. Even in these autumn and winter months, it is still a spectacular and amazing place to be and we look forward to welcoming lots of families this half term.”

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