Fly-tipped trailer discovered alongside local road

13 May 2024

Image of a fly-tipping lorry trailer

An abandoned lorry trailer was recently discovered in a lay-by outside Haverhill on the A1307, laden with approximately 7 to 8 tonnes of old tyres.

Incidents of fly-tipping like this can pose environmental damage, aesthetic degradation and safety concerns for residents and visitors. Materials left behind can be harmful to the soil and waterways, and can also attract vermin and other pests.

The lorry trailer was removed at a considerable cost to the council due to its poor and unroadworthy condition, which meant that it needed specialist recovery. The tyres had to be unloaded and taken for correct processing. 

Cllr David Taylor, Cabinet Member for Operations, said “We are deeply disappointed by this reckless act of environmental vandalism. Illegal dumping undermines our collective efforts to maintain clean and healthy communities. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of proper waste disposal practices and the need for community vigilance in combating fly-tipping. Together, we can protect our environment and preserve the beauty of our neighbourhoods.”

West Suffolk Council urge anyone with information regarding the fly-tipped trailer or those involved in its abandonment to come forward in confidence and assist with the investigation. Reports can be made to or by telephone on 01284 763233.

To find out how to reduce, reuse, recycle and dispose of items in Suffolk, visit: What to do A-Z - Suffolk Recycling.

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