4. Churchgate


The Medieval Grid of Churchgate is a distinct and characterful part of the town centre. In excess of 350 listed buildings contribute to an outstanding townscape rich in heritage. The mixed-use nature of the area is more evident to the north, between Churchgate Street and Abbeygate Street, with a more residential character to south between Churchgate Street and Westgate Street. It is important to ensure that the character of Churchgate is preserved and enhanced, with a particular focus on traffic management and street maintenance. There are also opportunities to consider how key locations, including Angel Hill, are used.

Project leads

Borough council, county council, working with local stakeholders and interest groups.



Limit vehicle access through the Churchgate area to minimise rat-running, improve safety, and enhance the character of the area.


Maintain the mixed-use character of the area, particularly to the north of Churchgate Street, and acknowledge the predominantly residential nature of the remainder of the area.


Carry out a programme of enhancement and repair to streets, spaces and pavements raising the overall quality of the environment appropriate with its historic identity. Recognise the importance of large gardens to amenity and character of the area and surrounding properties


  • Reinforce the identity of Angel Hill as a multi-functional space to continue as a car park and events space.
  • Traffic limitation including traffic calming, which could be achieved for example through introducing raised pedestrian crossings and narrowing the carriageway at key locations using the design and detailing at Angel Hill as a bench-mark.
  • Review of current one way operation.
  • Provision of additional pedestrian crossing point on Crown Street/Angel Hill.
  • Review of times of vehicle restriction on Abbeygate Street.

Meeting MAP Objectives

Aspirations at Churchgate will contribute to meeting MAP objectives 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7.