6. Parkway


The Parkway Character Area covers the western most edge of the town centre. It runs from the end of Tayfen Road, across the junction with Risbygate Street and south along Parkway. Areas around the Risbygate junction, including the Lloyds Bank building and B&Q, as well as the car park to the west of Parkway are all included. Parkway plays an important role and function in movement terms, bypassing the main town centre, provides parking facilities, and is an important and historic route into the town centre.

At present it is a traffic dominated place as it is an essential road link for those coming into the town centre. It benefits from some attractive tree and landscape planting. Parkway in particular provides a visual and physical barrier to movement, particularly from Out Risbygate, the leisure uses around the cinema, and the residential neighbourhoods to the west of the town centre.

Project leads

Borough council, county council, working with local landowners



Enhance and improve pedestrian access across Parkway particularly at Risbygate and the Cattlemarket.  Maintain vehicle movement along Tayfen Road and Parkway to facilitate access to the town centre. Accommodate redirected bus routes along Risbygate and Parkway to improve the pedestrian environment of St Andrews Street South.


Consider redevelopment opportunities around the Risbygate/Parkway junction.


Reconfigure the Risbygate/Parkway junction to make it a more attractive to pedestrian and to emphasise the historic route of Risbygate into the town centre.


  • Redefine the character of Risbygate as a key historic gateway into the town centre.
  • Introduce new mixed use development fronting onto Risbygate to establish a prominent corner onto Parkway and Risbygate and new frontage to Parkway.
  • Improve traffic movement in this area including prioritisation of pedestrian and cycle routes.
  • Increase tree planting in the location, which contributes to the character of this part of town centre.
  • Consider opportunities for selective redevelopment to better bring together and provide attractive and safe pedestrian access between the adjacent residential neighbourhoods to the west and the Cattlemarket and the arc.
  • Introduce additional parking to the west of Parkway to serve the town centre.

Meeting MAP Objectives

Aspirations at Parkway will contribute to meeting MAP objectives 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7.