Bury St Edmunds Town Centre Masterplan Character Areas

The draft Bury St Edmunds Town Centre Masterplan (MAP) identifies nine Character Areas across the town centre.

Character Areas are specific locations defined by their appearance, historical interest or the uses that take place there. They are also places where change could be made to improve the town centre making sure that it offers something for everyone, and is a safe, welcoming and attractive place to spend time in. All changes need to recognise and respond to the particular characteristics of each identified area.

The MAP sets out aspirations that aim to address the issues and options identified as part of the research, analysis and consultation. Aspirations are not restricted to those areas identified on the MAP. Others will be considered on their own merits having regard to the MAP objectives, deliverability and how they contribute to the identity, function and structure of the town centre character areas as proposed within the MAP.

For each, key priorities are included relating to the themes of movement, activity and place. Aspirations are also listed together with project leads from the many partners involved. In addition, each character area is assessed against the MAP objectives to ensure that they contribute towards delivering positive change for the town centre and the communities who use it, as agreed by those communities.